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Residential & Commercial Mold Removal Services in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada


Black mold is a dangerous greenish-black fungus that colonizes in high-cellulose material like dry wall, carpet, wall paper, fiberboard, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, and many other materials.

Toxic mold grows in areas where the relative humidity is over 54%. This particular type of fungus does not grow on plastic, vinyl, concrete products, or ceramic tiles. Mold is an environmental risk and brings up "due diligence" concerns regarding real estate, especially in property development areas where flooding or water damage has occurred.

Molds are dangerous to your immune system and can lead to serious illnesses.

If you think you might have molds in your home, inhaling or touching toxic mold may cause health problems. Our certified mold inspectors are available for emergency dispatch. Our professional mold removal crew is equipped to remove molds from your home or business for a safer and healthier lifestyle.

Even though we provide mold removal services, these are a few things you should know about mold

1. Mold can be found pretty much anywhere, they can grow on anything as long as there is a small amount of moisture. Mold can grow on food, carpets, wood & paper.

2. Do not lay down carpet where leakage is possible. That’s one reason people do not have carpets in their kitchen. Do not lay a carpet by water fountains, sinks, on concrete floors that have leaks or wherever there is potential for water leakage. If your basement floods occasionally when it rains do not install carpets. Mold is almost guaranteed to form.

3. Always insulate areas where condensation can occur. Install insulation by windows, exterior walls & near the roof.

4. Mold should be cleaned off hard surfaces with water & detergent. After, make sure you dry completely. Materials that can absorb water or moisture should be replaced if mold has formed.

5. To decrease mold growth you should reduce the humidity inside. You can increase ventilation, use dehumidifiers & use exhaust fans whenever cooking & cleaning.

6. Always clean & dry wet or damp building materials asap to prevent the growth of mold.

7. Fix the leak, if you know where the leak is coming from try to fix it as best as possible. If you can’t do it yourself you can hire a professional company to do mold removal.

8. Clean up the mold & eliminate the source of moisture.

9. The best way to control indoor mold growth it to control the moisture.

10. The possible health effects that are associated with mold are allergic reactions, respiratory complaints and asthma.

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