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We require 24 Hour notice of cancellation. It is the customer's responsibility to contact Mayberry's Maids to reschedule or cancel any visit 24 hours before said visit or there will be a charge of $75 to your credit card.


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Facts about Local Office Cleaning in Las Vegas

Mayberry's Office Cleaning in Las Vegas Nevada
  Mayberry's Maids is a Local house cleaning company in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada over the years Mayberry's has stood out from the rest as an innovator giving services too there customers that some others don't offer. One such way we stand out is we offer free of charge dry cleaning delivery. While cleaning your home we will take away any the soiled cloths, comforters, drapes, etc and bring them back on your next visit. Even sooner if you wish.

Mayberry's Maids has made it possible for flat rate carpet cleaning in Las Vegas and Henderson area. What flat rate carpet cleaning is No Extra Charges for treatment or processes like other carpet cleaning companies do no more hard sell or Bait and Switch.  We built the foundation of this company cleaning company   

Mayberry's Maids and Carpet Cleaning from hard work, outstanding performance and total dedication. We know that we are not only building our reputation but we are helping to build yours as Well.  We Take very seriously our roll in  Property Management Company, and Property Preservation Services Neighbor and Las Vegas home owner.

Mayberry's Office Cleaning Services is a full service system offering not only everything you may need to clean your office but extras like commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, free dry cleaning pick up and delivery, tile cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning and more. Our trained teams of office cleaning professionals are discreet and  courteous to desks that appear to be in a certain order paper work wise.
Our Goal is that on the day of your office cleaning visit our team leaves behind a coupon for House Cleaning in your home, The next week while we are cleaning your home our Maids will leave behind the dry cleaning we picked up at your office in you closet and leave behind a coupon for our Lawn Care Service. While our Lawn Care services completes there task they will leave behind a coupon to save 10 % off on your auto detailing and Window Cleaning Services from Mayberry's Home and Offices Services. We hope to be able to be the one call does all for your home and office put all of these things on the schedule and leave it all up to us that its getting done and you can go on with your ever so busy life.

Check out how we work Hard to better our community as well with our Teacher Appreciation Program.

Mayberry's Maids is unable to come in to your class rooms and help your teacher, but we are able to help him/her out at home. With growing class size and more demand on what should be your teacher's time at home, Mayberry’s Maids feels that a helping hand around the house would be as welcome as an apple on the desk.

      Take a few minutes and tell us why your already outstanding teacher stands out to you and deserves a freeHouse Cleaning from Mayberry's Maids.  Let us know in a 1000 characters or less some of the things that make him/her so special to you. At the end of each month Mayberry's will pick a deserving teacher.  Tell us your story and give your teacher the gift of relaxation and the treat of a clean home - without lifting a finger.
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