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Las Vegas Dryer Vent Cleaning

News about Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada


       Reasons For Considering a Dryer Vent Cleaning:


Dryer Vent Cleaning only $95.00 Service call  in
most houses
                                                     Mayberry's Air Duct CLeaning Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada
Avoid a potential and common fire hazard caused by lint build up

Dryer related fires are estimated at 15,000 each year, causing up to 30 deaths and 300 injuries.



Improve dryer dry times, which in turn

Improves energy efficiency to save you money

Avoid costly repairs to your dryer

Save personal time in getting laundry done sooner

Wildlife eviction from your dryer vent (Birds nest-removal)


Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning  performs hundreds dryer vent cleanings each year. Our experienced technicians will identify why your dryer vent is not venting correctly. In most instances a dryer vent simply needs a periodic cleaning, however in other instances the dryer vent is not installed correctly and maybe in need of repair. We have the most advanced cleaning machinery and tools, and we are completely stocked with almost any dryer vent accessory imaginable.

Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning  process employs the latest power vacuum technology and air powered reverse flow jetters that propel air at a tremendous force to thoroughly clean your dryer vent system, end to end. Lint is removed by the reverse flow jetters and collected by a very large diameter vacuum hose to ensure that no messes are made in your laundry room. Alternatively, the technician may elect to clean from the outside at the dryer vent hood, if cleaning from the outside is determined to be more advantageous over cleaning from the inside. Your experienced Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning in las Vegas and Henderson Nevada technicians will know which cleaning approach will yield the best cleaning result for your home or structure’s particular dryer vent configuration.

Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada has the know how to build your dryer vent from scratch, complying to all international and local building codes to ensure that your dryer vent operates normal and safely. Building, repairing and cleaning dryer vents is a normal day-to-day operation for your Mayberry's Air Duct CLeaning technician. When another outfit claims that the job is impossible, that is when you know that it is time to call the professionals at Mayberry's Air Duct Cleaning Services to make the impossible, possible!


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